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The BMW X1 is most definitely one of those instances when the advertising blurb says cars from the future; it actually is one of those cars from the future. A compact and inspiring interpretation of a crossover theme, which blends all the virtues of SUV motoring, with an elevated driving position and four wheel drive traction system, combining with all the performance and handling you have come to expect from a sporty coupe.
Fuel economy and handling for a vehicle of this size is remarkably agile and precise, and very comfortable to drive, and for a larger, heavier four wheel drive vehicle, fuel economy is surprisingly good. The top of the range three liter model goes from zero to sixty in just under seven seconds, coupled with a return of about twenty eight miles per gallon, and keeps this new BMW X 1 well out of the class of gas guzzlers. Top speed is limited to one hundred and fifty miles per hour. It is very similar to the BMW 3 series wagon, but costs considerably less.
Another thing is that for a large vehicle such as this, it is a great deal of fun to drive, as well as being practical with large luggage space, and interior space for comfortably 5 persons. With wider doors, enabling easier entry and exit, and fold down rear seats, it really is very versatile. And as an optional extra, there is a power assisted tail gate.
The X1 also has a revised rear-biased “xDrive” four-wheel-drive system that has been totally recalibrated to enable the X1 to handle with the same ambition and finesse as a typical compact sports coupe. Handling is infinitely better than the X3, and it also comes with a smaller price tag.
First appearance gives the impression externally of a BMW X3, but in reality is has its roots firmly in the BMW 3 series, with the interior décor and layout. The windscreen is more steeply raked, and it has a mega BMW kidney shaped grill. Internally, there is plenty of room for five “good sized adults” and accompanying luggage.
The BMW X1 is available in five model variants, all with four-cylinder diesel engines. They are available in a choice of two or four wheel drive, depending on the engine size and specification, and varying engine sizes from a basic one point eight liter to a monster three liter version, and all are diesel powered, and all have fitted as standard a adding an edge to fuel economy figures. All the range have a six speed gear box, with the top of the range model having a Sport automatic gearbox with finger tip controls as standard.
There is little doubt that when BMW says it will deliver cars from the future, it does.
Functionality, good looks, and the renowned quality of engineering that is BMW’s stock in trade, means this X1 is a sure fire winner, and will go from strength to strength.
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